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Bench and Tree

15 December 2011

Most of you will already know that Cat opted to be buried at Olney Green Burial Ground in what will eventually become a managed forest. As part of the cost of the plot you get a choice of indigenous tree that will be planted during the Winter season. The tree comes with a nicely inscribed stake so you can find Cat quickly – but of course the stake only arrives when the tree does. The tree can be planted any time from now until March but I have yet to agree a date with the management company. I think it will be sometime in January – unless we’re under 6 feet of snow. I’ll keep you informed as I know some of you want to be there too.

Cat also decided to have a bench next to her that hopefully will be delivered next week – so from then on, you will be able to find Cat’s plot from the inscription on the bench (I won’t spoil it for you as it took me a long time to agree with the manufacturer exactly how many words would fit on their benches!) but think Flickr and Bench Monday.

Nathaniel and I will be up at Olney on Boxing Day (3 month anniversary) to plant some bulbs and seeds that we have been given by lots of friends so that there are wild flowers almost all year round keeping Cat’s spot pretty.

More information and maps of how to get there are available at


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