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Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam.

6 January 2012

As you know, I keep an eye on Cat’s email addresses just in case one arrives from anyone who doesn’t know – it has happened recently so I’m not completely barking.

This morning in the junk mail folder were over 5,000 mail delivery failure reports from Cat’s email address. Oh crap, I was thinking. Her laptop has been infected with some virus/malware etc. and I’ve just spent the morning combing her laptop and checking our main router logs to see what’s been going on. Luckily, all the machines in the house are clear and none of them are spamming the hell out of the Internet.

So what’s going on? Closer inspection shows that the email originated from what looks like Cat’s email address except the letter ‘case’s are all wrong – she used that format of her email address over 5 years ago. Someone has harvested her email address from somewhere and is sending fake email through an unprotected email server purporting to have come from her. When the email fails to be delivered the failure report is sent back to the sender, i.e. Cat’s email.

Upshot is there’s nothing I can do about this except report the unprotected email server for being an open relay – at least we’re in the clear.


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