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It’s been a while…

6 March 2012

I know it will come as a shock to some of you, but I haven’t had anything to say for a while – hence no new posts.

It’s been a funny few months but things are (hopefully) back on track.

For me it’s been a time of highs and lows. The high-point is I’m now back in contact with one of my oldest friends. The lows are as to be expected – good days and bad. Music seems to be my killer at the moment – turn on the radio or put the iPod on shuffle and every song seems to have some memory of the time I shared with Cat. It’s only been 5 months so I shouldn’t expect to be my old self for a long while yet.

The biggest problem I’ve had to deal with has been Nathaniel and school. Just before the half-term break Nathaniel decided to not bother at school at all. He couldn’t tell me why exactly but I must have missed the signs. There was something playing on his mind and his schoolwork just went to hell. Unfortunately, this wasn’t reported to me by his teachers and they took the drastic action to move him down from the top group. In hindsight this may have been the kick-up-the-backside he needed and he’s back on track to being moved back up later this term – if he carries on the way he is. He enjoys school again and we do extra work each night together – maybe he just wanted more time with me rather than sharing me with a laptop/work.

I finally got my arse into gear and got back into the garden. The sight of the weeds and dead plants was depressing so I ignored it as best I could. Once the sun returned and the temperature picked up I knew I had no excuse so I got to work cutting back the old Wisteria and grape vine ready for this year – we might even get some more grapes and may be this year they won’t taste like battery acid. I was given a shrub back in October last year by Caz, Debs, Sharon, Lisa, Mel, Elaine, Jane, Lorne, Jennifer, Anne and Tracey (if I’ve forgotten anyone then please let me know) to plant in the garden as a memory of Cat. After resting it over the winter, it is now planted in the flower bed next to the swing seat where Cat spent many an hour with her book/laptop/phone (delete as applicable). So far it seems to be thriving and I promise to do my best and not kill it.

The blue tits have returned to the box they used last year and a new blue tit is in the other box – both are CCTV’d up so pictures will follow as before. There been no sign yet of the Hedgehog but it may still be too early.

I promised Cat I would sort out her things as quickly as possible rather than leave it to fester and I did sort all her clothes into many bags which have remained in the garage for the past four months. I suppose I didn’t do anything else with them as I didn’t want to seem like I was just ‘getting rid’. Last week I made the decision that they must go and I sold them through ‘Cash4Clothes’ with the proceeds going to Nathaniel’s piggy bank.

Nathaniel and I discussed doing something for Mummy and raising money for Breast Cancer Care. So, I’ve signed up for the London to Brighton cycle ride in June this year – more on that to follow.

So, onwards and upwards.


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