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Mothers’ Day, Cat’s Tree Planting and The Weather

19 March 2012

For those readers not in the UK, yesterday was our Mothers’ Day. I had a phone call a few months back from the girls at Olney asking when we would like to plant the tree at Cat’s grave and they offered Mothers’ Day as a special date. Each plot gets a tree as part of the base package and, as you can only use indigenous species of tree, we chose the English Oak.

Yesterday morning started off dull which rapidly turned into rain – not ideal for planting a tree on a site sitting on a thick bed of clay. Nathaniel and I drove over through even more rain but when we arrived the rain petered off and then stopped. We had a nice group of close friends and family there and it was a lovely occasion with laughter and tears.

The hole had already been prepared so the spade was handed over to Nathaniel to shovel in the earth and mulch.

When Nathaniel tired of shoveling, the spade was handed round for friends and family to add their bit. Once done, a little bit of stomping down of the earth (Sorry Cat. I did walk all over your grave) and the bark mulch was added followed by lots of water!

Nathaniel had made a card at School which I laminated so he could attach it to the tree stake.

Cat must have arranged the weather as it stayed dry during the time we were at Olney and then began to rain on the way home!


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  1. 19 March 2012 12:40 pm

    so wish I could have been there, you have both done Cat proud . xx

  2. 21 March 2012 1:53 pm


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